Cyan Crianza 2015

Vintage year 2015

A rainy and mild winter, followed by a sunny spring, with deficit of rain and certain drought with the vineyard flowering at the beginning of May with a normal year cycle. Afterwards, July with some rain followed by August which had lower temperatures than normal, made the phenolic maturity slow and somewhat delayed the cycle. However, a warm end of August and beginning of September, guaranteed a good maturity in the end with harvest at the end of September.

The vineyard

In the sandy soils with calcareous highlights of the FINCA DE LA CALERA situated on the far west of the Designation of Origin Toro, over 30 year-old vineyards are grown with which this wine is made. Its character is understood when observing the limited conditions of this soil which is excellent for an austere vineyard with an almost dry climate.

The Wine

Cardenal of deep purple tones. Very covered in layer, clean and bright. Intense and strong in the smelling phase, dominating aromas from fresh red and black fruits from the plum, cherry, blackberry and strawberry range in harmony with clean and neat tertiary touches from winemaking, with liquorice, coffee, spices, lactones and fine woods. Backbone of sweet tannins which give excellent expression, combined well with a degree of acidity that gives freshness. Similar aromas linger in the nose, repeating very clean and neat sensations of fresh fruit, coffee, liquorice, wood and roasted aromas.


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